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Here at Premium Education, our competent Math tutors are experienced in preparing students for major examinations in Singapore. We offer leading Math home tuition for all levels including PSLE, O Levels, JC A Levels, IP, IGCSE and even IB. 

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Mathematics Tuition in Singapore

Math is a core subject that is vital at all levels – from pre-school to tertiary education. Concepts in Math are often applied in Science subjects as well, especially Physics and Chemistry. Achieving outstanding grades for Math at national examinations such as O Levels and A Levels also open up potential pathways for further studies in Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Biochemistry, Computer Science and more. 

With our comprehensive pool of qualified tutors, we are confident that we will able to help you find the most suitable Math tutor for your learning needs and budget. 

Algebra & Geometry

Primary Math Tutor

Beyond academic grades, through its logical approach to problems, having a strong foundation in Math can equip you with strong analytical and problem-solving skills that are useful in one’s career in the future. Concepts such as Algebra, although abstract, can develop critical thinking and one’s ability to simplify real-life problems. 

Therefore, it is imperative to engage the right Math tutor to help your child build a strong foundation in the subject. 

Statistics & Probability

Though statistics are not a concept introduced to children in their early education, being able to draw conclusions from a huge quantity of data is essential in today's data-driven society. Statistical skills enable your child to analyse statistics systematically, using terminology as simple as average and mode to more intricate distribution models.

By contacting us, you would not have to worry about the overwhelming process of finding the right tutor. 

Math Tutor In Singapore
Primary Math Tutor In Singapore

how does math tuition helps students


Tutors are qualified and able to teach students comprehensive ways to approach challenging questions


We have a different set of materials for different levels – primary, secondary and even JC


Boosts their confidence


Provides them feedback to rectify mistakes early on


Access to extra tips to ace their examinations

Advantages of mathematics tuition 


Our tutors are highly capable and equipped with a strong understanding of Math concepts. They are knowledgeable and will teach you how to tackle challenging problems with ease. Under the guidance of your tutors, Math does not have to be rocket science – it can become as easy as 1, 2, 3!


You will be able to get instant clarification on any doubts that you may have and eliminate all learning gaps. Unlike the fast-paced syllabus in schools, with a small group class size, our Math tutor will guide you according to your own pace, to ensure that you are able to master each topic before moving on to the next.


Math is all about practice! Here at Premium Education, we have a different set of materials for different levels – primary, secondary and even JC. Catered specifically to your level, you will be able to put your newly learned knowledge to practice with our comprehensive practice materials. Access to useful materials will allow you to improve steadily and give you an advantage over other students in national examinations.


If you have been continuously getting the wrong answers, perhaps your technique at approaching the questions is incorrect. Our competent Math tutors are well-versed in answering techniques and will help to rectify any issues by giving you constructive feedback. Through your Math tuition, you will be equipped with effective answering techniques and higher order thinking skills that will allow you to tackle challenging problems in your PSLE, O Levels or JC examinations.

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